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Quest for Modern Islamic State


A unicorn is a mythical creature that has an antelope's body, a lion's tail, and a bearded horse's head with a single horn on its forehead. They are believed to bring good fortune and have magical powers of healing. The horn of the unicorn was prized for its healing power and its ability to nullify all kinds of poison.

Similar to the purity and curative power of the unicorn, a number of Islamists have turned to the ideal of an Islamic State, modeled after the polity under Prophet Muhammad and deeply rooted in the Shari’a, in order to address the problems of poverty, war, and social corruption, which were viewed as symptoms of the poisoned lifeblood of the Ummah (Islamic Community), that afflict Muslims in the Middle East and elsewhere. For our purposes, an Islamist is defined as a person who uses the tenets of Islam - in fact often by claiming to advocate a "correct" view of the religion - for his own social and political ends. It is this Islamist vision of a Modern Islamic State, set to exist in the contemporary age, where social justice (Adl) is the norm under the sovereignty of God (Hakimiyya) that has fired the imagination of Muslims around the globe.

Even For those, such as this author, who might be labeled as “moderates” in the current dichotomy established by the West as to which Muslims are socially up to standard – the acceptable “moderates” and the intolerable “fundamentalists” – the vision of an Islamic State is appealing.
The attraction for many Muslims is easily understandable: Often, at first glance, the arguments for the establishment of a Modern Islamic State appear compelling. On the issue of the model of the Modern Islamic State, one of the most influential and popular modern Muslim thinkers is Sayyid Qutb. Though long deceased, his writings continue to be a source of inspiration, particularly among the more radicalized groups as shown by his influence on the political thought of Osama Bin Laden.

Qutb proposed an Islamic alternative to the political systems, which were then competing in Egypt, based upon, among others, the notions of Jahiliyyah and Hakimiyya. Qutb’s use of the term “Jahiliyyah” - roughly equivalent to a state of societal ignorance and corruption - referred to almost all cultural aspects of the modern world and was a pejorative term pertaining to all things alien to Islam. In his mind, Egypt was in a state of Jahiliyyah and, consequently, needed a revolution to overthrow the corrupt powers – the West and their cronies in the Arab World - and establish a regime of Hakimiyya. According to Qutb, a truly Islamic society could only be established upon the strict tenets of the Shari’a, which was not limited only to legal injunctions or governmental principles but included all aspects of human life and governance. The experience of the first Islamic community in Medina under the Prophet and the Quran provided Muslims with the blueprint for the ideal Islamic State for both the present and the future.

Osama Bin Laden has a similar conception of the Modern Islamic State. According to the so-called “Ladenese Epistle: Declaration of War,” Muslim society’s unfaithfulness to the Shari’a is one of the roots of the problems of the Islamic world. Similar to Qutb’s idea of Hakimiyya, Bin Laden espouses a divine sovereignty and a return to governance under the Shari’a, which would proscribe, among others, modern financial institutions for being in contravention on Islamic laws against usury. Essentially, these Islamists envision a return to the pristine conditions of the original Islamic State, which was an egalitarian, enlightened, and religious community in stark contrast to the present conditions of inequitable distribution of resources, corruption, and vice obtaining in the Middle East.

In this paradigm, the machinery of the State would enforce the Shari’a and all matters deemed un-Islamic would be essentially removed or isolated from society. According to Qutb, the first thing a truly Islamic Government would do is to force the indolent to apply themselves to industry

Accordingly, these views have a powerful magnetic pull for many Muslims, who feel incredibly isolated, marginalized, impoverished, and alienated in the modern world. Certainly, a society built on justice (Adl), governed under divine law (Shari’a), and within a regime of God’s sovereignty (Hakimiyya) is an image of perfection that hardly anyone could resist. However, upon closer inspection, the views propounded by Islamists such as Bin Laden and Qutb, as well as the means they espouse to achieve their ideal polity, are shown to be extremely problematic.
First, in regard the means advocated by Bin Laden and Qutb in order to achieve their ideal Islamic State, both these Islamists adopt a Manichaean view of the world in which only armed struggle and bloodshed between the “good” (true Muslims) and the “bad” (the West) are, ultimately, the means to reach their objective. Both have demonized the West, particularly the US and - although located in the Middle East is seen as an American proxy - Israel. Some of their criticisms about the unfair treatment that Muslims have historically received from the West, such as the current Palestinian situation, have real basis; however, it is their uncompromising view of the necessity of armed resistance to address the problems of the Muslim world that eventually dooms their political enterprise and alienates many Islamic moderates who, while in general agreement for the requirement of reform and the existence of injustice and sources of conflict in the Middle East, have a preference for peaceful methods for social change. In this increasingly global and inter-linked planet, this dualistic approach, categorizing distinct societies as either wholly good or evil, loses much of its appeal and logical certainty.

Secondly, even if Bin Laden were able to achieve the goals of overcoming the West and establishing a new political reality, the Islamist’s paradigm of a Modern Islamic State would nevertheless fail. This failure would be based on fundamental problems, both conceptual and practical, with their model of a Modern Islamic State. Upon deeper analysis, the claims of the Islamists are shown to be irrational and unfounded. Closer inspection of their claims make clear that the Islamist’s indulgence in the apodictic style of discourse, wherein emphatic asseveration is substituted for serious reasoning, ends up with an extremely problematic model for an Islamic State.

A primary setback in the Islamist conception of their ideal State is that their prototype is sui generis. The polity that existed under the leadership of Prophet Muhammad in Medina was a unique phenomenon that can never be replicated. Firstly, no Muslim leader could ever possess the same personal qualities of kindness, charity, piety, wisdom, leadership, and charisma that allowed him to have such a powerful and persuasive effect on his community. Moreover, for any Muslim to even make such an outrageous claim would be the death knell for his leadership ambitions. Additionally, the community that existed during that period was a product of a distinct social, political, religious, and economic context that is impossible to reproduce.

In fact, historically, Muslim leaders who attempted to take the mantle of the prophet and use Islam for their own political gain have often, in the end, suffered greatly. For example, Anwar Sadat, as President of Egypt, did his utmost to cultivate an aura of piety and Islamic devoutness in his persona within Egypt, going as far as preferring to be called by his first name - Muhammad. His wearing of the traditional robe, with his prayer beads and Moses stick as accoutrements, appear, on hindsight, as shallow propaganda. Ultimately, Sadat's misuse of Islam would be his downfall. This is the paradox - or more dramatically, the curse - for the Islamist. His use of Islam to catapult himself to power, at the same time, plants the seeds for his eventual political destruction. Islam brings colossal expectations in terms of social justice, religiosity, and equity. Any person who styles himself as someone who will Islamize society raises the bar incredibly high and ultimately will come up short - much to his and his society's dismay. For some Islamic believers, the downfall of the Islamist is but fitting justice for those who have the temerity to misuse the faith for their own selfish ends.

Secondly, and this is a vital point that strongly undermines the Islamist paradigm, during the time of the Prophet, Shari’a was not implemented via the machinery of the State. To implement Shari’a, the Modern Islamic State would have to enact legislation based on the Shari’a and enforce it through the government apparatus. However, during the Prophet’s period of leadership in Medina, the Shari’a was implemented in the community not via positive legislation and government intervention but instead through the context of the community as a whole – with the genuine piety and great personal charisma of the Prophet providing the normative element, in conjunction with the specific guidance from the Quran, and the close-knit nature of the community and the high level of motivation of the Islamic converts acting as the basis to follow the Shari’a.

The foregoing brings us to a third exceptionally fundamental problem of the Islamist paradigm: The very idea of establishing an Islamic State in order to enforce the Shari’a is conceptually impossible. Put another way, an “Islamic State” is a theoretical nullity because, as a political institution, a State cannot be characterized as Islamic – the proper object of Islam are human beings and not political institutions - and the very attempt to enforce Shari’a as positive law is a repudiation of the Islamic basis of the legislation.
It is important to emphasize that the Shari’a is, by definition, a divine creation and is not a result of a governmental legislative process. To claim that State-crafted legislation, which hews closely to classical Shari’a, is equivalent or identical to the divinely-authored law both undermines and misunderstands the nature of the Shari’a and its genuine purpose. Laws, as expressions of societal norms, are a product of the will of the State; Positive law can never be Shari’a because the Shari’a, as an expression of divine will, is the exact opposite of positive law.

What is more, there are numerous practical problems that result from the Islamist view. The first is that the prototype of the Islamic community in Medina is an anachronism and is no longer viable in the modern age. The concerns of Modern States in providing food, housing, water, electricity, economic policy, environmental preservation, foreign policy, defense, crime prevention, among others, are unbelievably more numerous than the matters that the first Islamic community in Medina had to address. The old solutions to the problems of that classical age would certainly be deficient in the modern era; hence, the aphorism that under the regime of Imam Khomeini the leaders of Iran realized that the Shari’a did not provide answers to the problem of garbage collection.

Furthermore, a rigorous implementation of the Shari’a, specifically in the classical form that developed during the 7th - 9th Century A.D., would be highly problematic in terms of women’s rights, the rights of non-Muslims living in Muslim communities, and human rights.
Actually, the Shari’a as implemented during the 7th - 9th Century was appropriate and, indeed, progressive for its time, especially in regard the rights of women, such as entitlement to a share of inheritance. Of grave concern is the punishment for apostasy under the 7th Century system, which was death, and its obvious inconsistency with the right to freedom of belief as recognized under human rights conventions and international norms. Clearly, in the modern age where there has been a dramatic increase in women’s rights and a greater emphasis on personal freedoms, such as freedom of expression and belief, the 7th Century Shari’a is no longer fully responsive to the times.

From the foregoing, it is clear that the Islamist’s ideal of the Islamic State, crafted in the mould of the Prophet’s community and functioning in the modern age is unworkable, impracticable, and unrealistic. The Islamist vision, while beautiful and enthralling, is shown to be as real and possible as finding a live unicorn. And maybe this is the core problem of the Islamist philosophy – in the search to provide answers and solutions to the grave problems challenging the Ummah, the Islamists have taken the easy route of going back to myths and archetypes instead of finding more pragmatic responses.

However, ironically, it is this return to archetypes, which is the essential escapism of the Islamist enterprise, that partially explains the Islamist’s appeal. The fact that many of the inhabitants of the Muslim world live in impoverished, unempowered, and undemocratic conditions explain the attractiveness of the Islamist message, specifically in regard the ideal of the Islamic State. Even if the Islamist’s methodology in establishing the Modern Islamic State is violent and cruel, it is, nevertheless, an empowering vision - breaking free of the fetters of colonialism and dependency, defeating great powers through self-sacrifice and courage, and overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds through faith and effort.
It is the social conditions of the Muslim world that provide the perfect nursery for the seeds of Islamist message to take root. This is one of the powerful aspects of the Bin Laden rhetoric: he is able to communicate in plain language the anger, angst, humiliation, and indignation that are felt in the Muslim world, particularly in the Middle East. More than this, he offers impoverished and marginalized Muslims an ideal world, in the Modern Islamic State as conceived by the Islamist, where they can escape to.

This is the real danger that must be addressed by Muslim moderates and those concerned with the increasing appeal of Bin Laden and his ilk. Not only is there a need for Muslim moderates to demonstrate clearly, persuasively, and emphatically the impossibility of the Islamist enterprise but they must also provide viable alternatives and real solutions to the problems of the Islamic world. As is frequently a painful experience when one leaves childhood and enters adulthood, myths must be destroyed, fantasies must be forgotten, and reality accepted and embraced. For Muslims who adopt the Islamist ideal, it is simply time to grow up.

Indeed, the entire Muslim world must sober up to the harsh reality that there are no easy solutions to the problems of war, poverty, and corruption that plague many Islamic communities in the Middle East and elsewhere and that the fantasy world – where the Modern Islamic State exists and unicorns run free – is not the place where the Ummah should begin searching for answers.


Nassef M. Adiong said...

points well taken.

Anonymous said...

The picture you painted of an ideal Islamic State indeed sounds like perfection. I am glad however that you seek to caution others who may find that an armed struggle is the answer to achieving this. Irrefutably, many muslims are marginalized and ostracized in Christian countries, but as a Christian who has had the opportunity to be exposed to many different Muslims while in school and living abroad, I know that we're not all that different. I've had Muslim friends from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India and Egypt who are modern, bright and sophisticated. Many of the Saudi Arabian and Egyptian girls spoke french because they came from Swiss boarding schools. After living in a co-ed dorm in college (with co-ed bathrooms) with people from dozens of countries, nothing can shock you anymore. If you don't mind my saying so, even the Muslims were very sexually liberated and said that they felt that they could breathe. Our Turkish guy friends had posters of topless girls on the walls of their room, and we all hung out together and it was all cool. We were all very close and our Muslim friends said that after college, they'll go back to their respective countries and marry whomever their parents choose, and they were happy to do so. Not to grossly oversimplify, but my point is that maybe this angst that many Muslims (and indeed followers of all the great faiths) have, has more to do with economic difficulty and challenges in obtaining a quality education than in differences with religious beliefs and customs. Of course there are those who stereotype Muslims and treat them unfairly due to their own ignorance and lack of education. Education has always been and always will be the great equalizer.

Datuan S. Panolimba said...


North Cotabato, Philippines

Bismillaher Rahmaner Raheem. Asalamo Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuho.

The Bangsamoro Muslims of Mindanao and its islands have fought the longest and bloodiest struggle in the entire history of mankind in the world which extends to about four hundred eighty seven (487) years already up to this writing. First, the Bangsamoro people fought, without let up, against the Spanish colonial power for 377 years from 1521 to 1898. Second, they fought a bloody war against the American imperialist from 1898 up to 1946.And third, they are still fighting against the Philippine neo-colonial power from 1946 up to the present.

In fact the present JIHAD FIY SABILILLAH waged by the Bangsamoro people is a continuation of the struggle which had been fought by their ancestors and forebears demanding for freedom and independence. The 487-year war which has been fought by the Bangsamoro is replete with historical facts.

"But what is surprising is despite of the long period of war being fought for; the Bangsamoro people are still engaged in a war for freedom and independence. The struggle which has been fought by the Bangsamoro in four hundred eighty seven years (487) had extensively covered by the Muslim historians and authors in their books such as Dr. Cesar Adib Majul in his "Muslims in the Philippines, 1973, Manila, Philippines, " Dr. Alunan C. Glang in "Muslim Secession or Integration, 1969, Quezon City, Philippines, " and Salah Jubair in "Bangsamoro: A Nation Under Endless Tyranny, 1997, Lahore, Pakistan."


After securing the friendship with Rajah Humabon of Cebu, Ferdinand Magellan, who led the Spanish colonial adventure in the Far East, invaded the small kingdom of Mactan in 1521. The island was then ruled by Rajah Lapu-Lapu who did not want to be a friend of foreign colonizer.

It can be noted, therefore, that Visayas before was believed under the influence if not one of the principalities controlled by the Moro Sultanate of Sulu or Maguindanao at that early period of time. See Map of Moro Sultanate, principalities and areas in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao at the time of the arrival of Spaniards in 1521. (Source: London Library and Museum). Unfortunately, Magellan died in action on April 27, 1521 that drove the Spaniards back to the West and by such incident, they had narrated their fiasco under the hands of the native inhabitants.

Thus, Lapu_Lapu stood as the first native chieftain who fought against foreign attempt to colonize the Moro homeland.
The Spanish dream had yet started so that in 1522, with Captain Sebastian Del Cano at the head of the Spanish survivors, Spain became the first circumnavigator of the globe as declared.


Crown Prince Felipe, known as King Philip II of Spain, directed Captain Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, the viceroy of Mexico, to go to the Philippine island and to make it a permanent Spanish colony. He landed at Cebu where he had established the first Spanish settlement in 1565. In 1569, he proceeded to Panay where a second Spanish settlement was created.

After quelling some minor resistances staged by the native
inhabitants, he sent Captain Martin de Goiti to Luzon, particularly in Manila where a well-fortified Moro principality was located. It was ruled by Rajah Solaiman and assisted by Rajah Matanda. Tondo then was ruled by Rajah Lakandula. Records has showed that these Manila chieftains where of Bornean origin. In fact, their relationship with the Sultan of Borneo was categorized as very closed to each other.

Rajah Solaiman who led the fight for freedom and independence, declared to the foreign aggressors the following words: " WE WISH TO BE THEN FRIENDS OF ALL NATIONS. BUT THEY MUST UNDERSTAND THAT WE CANNOT TOLERATE ANY ABUSE. ON THE CONTRARY, WE WILL REPAY WITH DEATH THE LEAST THING THAT TOUCHES OUR HONOR."Unfortunately, on June 3, 1571, Rajah Solaiman perished at the historic Battle of Bangkusay, a place off the coast of Tondo, but he left with a patriotic landmark in his defense of freedom and independence of the country. The next to fall, despite of a fierce defense by the native inhabitants, was the Muslim principality of Mindoro in 1574.

Then came the short-lived Magat Salamat Uprising in 1587. Emerging victorious over the pockets of resistance were the Spanish conquistadors. So that within a span of 11years, they were able to overlord the territory of Luzon and Visayas. Legaspi, who was appointed as the first Governor-General, had made Manila as the seat of Spanish colony in Luzon and Visayas, which was collectively called as "Filipinas" or "Philippine Islands" eventually.

"Salah Jubair succinctly wrote "it is necessary to clarify, contrary to popular perception, two important points in history: Firstly, the first group of people whom the Spaniards in 1570 called "Moros" were those in Manila and environs and not the Islamized natives in Mindanao and Sulu and secondly, the first Moro-Spanish War was not fought in Mindanao and Sulu but right in what is Metropolitan Manila.


The 377 year of Moro-Spanish War represents an uninterrupted bloody war which had been fought by the Moros against the Spaniard's attempt to subjugate them as a people. At first, the Spaniards thought that Borneo was more of a threat to the Manila colony than the Muslims of Mindanao and Sulu. So they invaded Borneo in 1578. However, after their Bornean expedition, the Spaniards had turned their eyes on the Moros in the South, particularly, Sulu which they were suspecting of having an alliance with the Borneans.

The Spanish colony towards the Moros was basically spelled out in the instructions of Governor-General Francisco de Sande to Captain Esteban Rodriguez de Figueroa in May of 1578. Figueroa was officially commissioned to subdue the Moro Sultanate of Mindanao and Sulu.

It was clear then from the instructions given to him, Spain sought to achieve two things with respect to the Moros of Mindanao namely: 1. Get them to acknowledge Spanish sovereignty over their territory. 2. Promote trade with them, limiting their trade to the Philippine islands and exploring natural resources of Moro land with a view to their commercial exploitations. 3. Bring an end to Moro "piracy" against Spanish shipping, and an end to Moro raids on the Christianized settlements of the Visayas and Southern Luzon. 4. Hispanize and Christianize the Moros, along the same lines followed with respect to other lowland Filipino (Indio) groups.

According to Dr Peter G. Gowing, the last line Spanish policy was the reason if not the root of the Moro's fierce resistance to the Spaniards and their Christianized Filipino allies. Capt. Figueroa was instructed to order the Moro chief not to admit any more "preachers of the doctrine of Mahomet since it is evil and false, and that of the Christianity alone is good." Ad-dressing himself to the "Lord of Mindanao, " the instruction includes: "You shall tell him that our object is that he be converted to Christianity and that he must allow us freely to preach the law of the Christians, and the natives must be allowed to go and hear the preaching and to be converted, without receiving any harm from the chiefs.

"Furthermore, Figueroa was instructed to ascertain who the preachers of Islam were so that they can be arrested and brought them before the Governor-general. He was also commanded to destroy any Masjeed he founded "where that accursed doctrine has been preached and you shall order that it be not be rebuilt. "As he was instructed to meet force with force and to punish the Moros as he deemed best "taking special care not to trust them.....," the Moros responded to such designs with violence and warfare. In 1596, during the initial Spanish campaign in Buhayan (Buayan) in the heart of Mindanao, Figueroa met his disastrous defeat.

The erstwhile Spanish conquistador suffered death at the hands of the Moro warriors led by Datu Ubal (Mangubal in Moro tradition). The initial Spanish campaign in Mindanao had ignited and caused the series of bloody encounters between the Moros and the Spaniards, in which,it was carried up to the coming of the Americans in 1899.


In retaliation to the Spanish cruelty, the Moros had carried out the war to the Spanish settlements in Luzon and Visayas. In 1599 led by Datu Sirongan and Datu Salikula of Mindanao, the Moros raided the northern islands and return home with rich war booty including several captives. The Moro actions had created fear and anxiety among the Spanish and Filipino settlements in Luzon and Visayas.

In succeeding years, the Moro buccaneers harassed Spanish shipping, and so were dubbed "pirates". But to the Moros they believed they were fighting a war in defense of freedom and independence. Thus, Sultan Kudarat I, after his ascension to power to the Sultanate of Mindanao in 1619, declared a Jihad against Spain whom he had emboldened more than ever the Moros to fight for home, country and Islam. Their expeditions carried Jihad to the coasts of Visayas and Luzon.

From then on, the Moro war vessels periodically raided, killed and plunders Spanish settlements. Thus, it was dubbed really a bloody war. The Spaniards counter move was seen in their series of punitive expeditions against the Moros. The expeditions were made up of Spanish-led Christian Filipino forces. Which eventually, the Spaniards had succeeded to establish forts in Moro homeland, however, their colonies were only confined inside their fortified garrisons. They failed to subdue the Moros who were periodically attacking their forts.

From the 18th up to the 19th centuries of Spanish successive engagement in the "Moro Wars", it was never followed by effective and permanent occupation of the Bangsamoro ancestral homeland. The American historian Dr. Najeeb Saleeby rightly observed that "the Moros fought for home and country, for freedom to pursue their religion and way of life, and for liberty to rove the seas whichever they would." For over 300years, they had made a shamble of Spain's Moro policy.

Even with the importation of Spanish war vessels in the middle of the 19th century did not stop the Moro raids of Spanish and Filipino settlements of Visayas and Luzon. Despite of being guerilla fighters, the Moro exacted a heavy toll of casualties, however, when entrenched in their 'cota' (fort) they simply could not be rooted out.

When situation demanded they would have readily killed their wounded and gave no quarter to the Spanish and Christian Filipino enemy. They fought ferociously, and their usual tactic was to wear down the attackers, obliging them eventually to withdraw. At the close of the 19th century, the Spanish colonial power in Luzon and Visayas was threatened by the Filipino Revolution of 1896 and the coming of the American colonial power in 1898.

Subsequently, the Treaty of Paris was concluded on December 10, 1898 between the United States of America and Spain wherein the latter had ceded to the Americans her former colony in Mexico, Honolulu and the Philippine Islands with the amount of $20 million. With this treaty, the Spaniards abandoned their colony in the north by virtue of the Treaty of Paris. So that the Moros of the south remained a free and independent people. Thus, they were not subjugated by their conquistadors.


The Bangsamoro people of Mindanao were already enjoying freedom and independence when the Filipinos declared a revolution against Spain in 1896. When the Americans arrived in the Philippine islands in 1898, the Philippine Revolution was already in progress in Luzon and Visayas. The so called "Spanish-American war" was also nearing its end.

For instance, Commodore George Dewey, commanding the American naval flotilla, defeated the Spanish Pacific Squadron during "Battle of Manila Bay" on May 1, 1898. Subsequently, the United States of America assumed the authority in the Philippine Islands by virtue of the Treaty of Paris on December 10, 1898. But the Filipinos, who declared the independence of the First Philippine Republic on June 1, 1898, had to fight a new imperialist power.

Maverick as it was, the Americans sought the forging of the Bates-Kiram Agreement on August 20, 1899 with a view to neutralizing the Moros of the south while they were still engaging the forces of President Emilio Aguinaldo in the north.

After three years of Filipino-American war, the Americans were able to crush the Philippine revolution and declared a general amnesty in 1902. The Americans, after having a unilateral abrogation of the Bates-Kiram Agreement, had now turn their eyes to the Moros of Mindanao.

In May 1899, the first US Army contingent landed in Jolo, Sulu. The US troops had also occupied Zamboanga on November 16 and followed the Cotabato areas in December. This began the American occupation of Mindanao which ended in May 1920 when the Department of Mindanao and Sulu was abolished as a government unit.


For all practical reasons, the American occupation of the Moro land was a direct affront to the freedom and independence of the Moros. The lesson from the Spanish policy of subjugation was still fresh in the minds and hearts of the Moros. With the Americans, the Moros have had similar views, as a threat, and a change of colonial master which had the same intention with that of their predecessor, that is, to subjugate them as a people.

Thus trouble had erupted as early as May 1899. But this time, the next generation of Moros took the cudgel. Soon various confrontations flared up in Mindanao and Sulu. This led J. Ralston Hayden, an American writer, to note that "never during the entire continental expansion of the United States had armed encounters been as frequent and serious as that between the Moros and American troops."

The Moros' determination to defend their religion and country had prompted the American colonizers to comment that "THE ONLY GOOD MORO IS A DEAD MORO." Record has showed that there were at least 20,000 Moros who were killed in action from 1899 to 1916. From 1904 to 1906 alone, the Moros suffered about 3,000 killed as against 70 Americans.

Large-scale engagements were recorded between the American troops and the Moro warriors in several parts of Mindanao and Sulu from 1902 to 1935. The most serious were those staged by Panglima Hassan, Datu Ali, Datu Ampuan
Agaus and Jikiri.

Shortly after the establishment of the Philippine Commonwealth Government on November 15, 1935 with Manuel L. Quezon as the first President, the Moros had viewed it as the transfer of colonial government to a new master. It could be noted, therefore, that Mindanao and Sulu were forcefully annexed to the Commonwealth government. Again, the Moros rose in arms in defense of their freedom and independence.

The most serious armed rebellion that took place in Mindanao was happened in June 1936. It was spearheaded by Hadji Abdulhamid Bungabong of Unayan, Lanao del Sur and lasted for several years. The Moros fought gallantry and heroically in a series of wars called "COTA WARS". The grievances were contained in a petition letter sent to the President of the United States of America. The issues presented were:

1. Moros had become second class citizens.

2. The Moro Province be segregated once independence is given to the Filipinos.

3. Acquisition of lands in the Moro Province be reserved for the Moros.

4. Islam must not be curtailed in any manner.

The uprising lasted until the dawning of the Japanese interregnums in 1941. The Moros were once again caught in the crossfire between two colonial masters. But now between the Americans and the Japanese which saw its peak from 1942 to 1945.


In 1946 it saw the final annexation of the Moro land to the new Philippine Republic. Historians, in the likes of Salah Jubair, have succinctly observed that "The U.S. colonial government and the succeeding Filipino neo - colonial power have utterly failed to stamp out Moro resistance. But they have succeeded in rendering the Moro traditional power structure effete and almost obsolete."

"The main casualties were the sultans and datus, whose authority had been squelched to the extent, that they had become mere symbols of the past and mute relics of history," he pointed out. "The sultan-people direct dealing, " he continued "has been almost severed and , to get rid of the evils of dual rule, meaning sultan and government ruling simultaneously, the Commonwealth government directed all state-installed officials in 1936 to take over the roles so far exercised by the sultans and datus."

Elaborating that the disintegration of the traditional socio-political order and the ever-tightening imposition of the secular-materialistic concept of life bequeathed by the Americans, Salah Jubair said that it has created an extensively difficult situation for the Moros. Consequently, those who were won over to the American side, freely or under duress, were the ones who with their pens, slogans and orations adopted and pursued the parliamentary or unarmed way of struggle.

These crops of Moro intellectuals asked the United States government to separate the Moro Province, either as colony or as independent state. Singly or in chorus, they unanimously refused to join the Filipinos in their demand for independence. It was true that they did not succeed, neither did they achieve anything of consequence in terms of the real liberation of the Moros-that obviously, was already fore doomed from the start.

But there is no gain slaying the fact that they did their best in their own way. Yet, on the other hand, by following the unarmed way of struggle, they were deeply entangled into the Americans cobweb and continued to become subservient to the whims and caprices of the new colonial masters.

Failing to achieve their aspiration to be free and independent during the American colonial days, the Moro parliamentary struggle dragged to the post-war Philippine administrations. Couple with some isolated disturbances, armed clashes between Moro warriors and government troops were reported in various parts of Mindanao.

The off-and-on armed skirmishes continued to plague the countryside in open defiance of government authorities. Whatever it may said about the post-war pocket uprisings in Mindanao and Sulu, it could be attributed to the fact that the Moros have never abandoned their desire to be free and independent from the clutches of neo-colonialism in their sacred and ancestral homeland. Nurtured by socio-cultural discrimination, the most known of these uprisings were those led by Kamlon Hajji, Abdulmajid Panondiongan, Tawantawan and Hadjal Uh. It took billions of pesos from the national coffers in quelling these insurrections.

Such that amid cries of national neglect and apathy, Congressman Ombra Amilbangsa of Sulu Province had gone to extent of sponsoring a bill in Philippine Congress in 1961 which sought to declare the independence of the Province of Sulu from the Philippine Republic. The Moro solon was disgusted by the chronic ills and inequities prevalent in the Philippine society where the Moros were the direct victims. His bill did not merit the attention of his colleagues in Congress and his move was simply dismissed as a "drama" or "attention-calling."


In 1968, the then Governor Datu Udtog Matalam of the empire Cotabato Province created the Mindanao Independence Movement (MIM) seeking the separation of Mindanao, Sulu, Basilan, Tawitawi and Palawan from the Republic of the Philippines and to establish an Islamic State in the sacred and ancestral homeland of the Bangsamoro people. But the dream and aspiration of the grand old man of Cotabato failed.

Finally in 1972, the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) and its military wings, the Bangsamoro Army led by Prof. Nur Misuari went public declaring armed struggle as its principal instrument in the formation of a Bangsamoro Republik encompassing Mindanao, Sulu, Basilan, Tawitawi and Palawan. It sought to liberate Moro people and homeland from Philippine colonialism.

The reverberating sounds of the firearms and mortars of the Bangsamoro Revolution
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